If you are trying to find an affordable yoga retreat in India, then come and spend a week or two with us at Rishikesh Yoga Niketan. One of the most popular destinations of yogis from all around the world, Rishikesh is the perfect spot for a week long yoga retreat. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills Rishikesh –the world’s yoga capital would provide the attendees with the best setting for a non-certification yoga programme. The retreats at Rishikesh Yoga Niketan are of one and two weeks duration, during which you would be attuned to the ashram lifestyle while enjoying a few outdoor activities as well. Ideal for beginner to intermediate level yoga practitioners, a yoga retreat with us would enhance your asana skills and rekindle your passion for yoga.

Reasons to go on a yoga retreat at Rishikesh Yoga Niketan

  • Unlike a typical holiday, going on a yoga retreat is going to be a one of a kind timeout for yourself treat. Staying away from the din and bustle maddening crowd would allow you to concentrate more on doing less and being more. The day to day activities at our yoga retreat has been specially designed to make you feel fitter, reinvigorated and healthier. The picturesque town of Rishikesh is home to some of the best yoga teachers of the world. Apart from being the spiritual capital, it is also an idyllic destination which would allow you to discover your inner self.
  • A two-week stay at our yoga retreat will help you take your practice to the next level. If you are looking for a kickstart to get yourself back on the mat then all you need to do is come and spend a few days with us. Our daily yoga and meditation sessions would not just enhance your strength and flexibility but also help you get a grasp on the yogic way of life. You will be learning the asanas from some of the top yoga gurus of India and the chanting and meditation sessions would flood your senses with an inner peace and calm. The routine life in the yoga retreat would foster a sense of discipline and might even pave the path for a new way of looking at life.
  • One of the primary reasons why so many yoga enthusiasts prefer going on a yoga retreat rather than on a vacation is because the former allows them to meet lots of like-minded people. The most beautiful part about joining our yoga retreat is that you get to share your passion and interest with everybody around you. Within the short time span of a week or a fortnight, the strangers will turn into friends allowing you to share your views and experiences with like-minded yogis.
  • If you are looking forward to cleansing your mind, body and soul then make sure to book your next retreat with us. The healthy sattvik food we offer would not only nourish your body but detox it from the inside out. The daily asana and meditation workshops would help you direct your life to a whole new direction. While leaving you are sure to take away loads of new ideas and inspirations which would add a new meaning to your life.