200 Hours Yoga Teacher
Training Course In rishikesh

Rishikesh Yoga Niketan offers 200-hour yoga teacher training in their residential yoga ashram in Rishikesh. Our hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga courses would perfectly suit the requirements of the beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. The focus of our teacher’s training course is to deepen your understanding and practice based on your level of experience. After the completion of the 200-hour yoga teacher training course you will be in a position to give lessons to others.

Why enroll for our yoga teacher’s training course?

There are different reasons why people from all over the world enroll in our courses. Some come here for personal practice, some enroll to get better at their profession while some just come here for a bodily and spiritual reason.

200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh gives you the right understanding of all the nuances of this discipline. On the completion of this course, you will be a master practitioner of hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga.

The quaint little town of Rishikesh is one of the perfect locales for mastering the practice of yoga. Apart from being the yoga capital of the planet, this little town would also give you the perfect atmosphere for an intensive yoga training course. 

The faculty of Rishikesh Yoga Niketan consists of some of the top certified and experienced yoga masters of India. Our course is a unique blend of the most important yoga postures, meditational techniques and other practices for all round development of the mind and body. Our classes are small in size so you can always expect individual attention from the masters

Anyone with an interest in benefitting from the numerous holistic benefits which yoga has to offer can enrol with our course. This programme would enhance your practice of yoga, deepen your understanding of the various layers of yoga, help you find your soul and foster your confidence.

Just as the great ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so also this teaching and discipline has one taste, the taste of liberation.

Gautam Buddha

Course Highlights

Our 200 hours teacher training curriculum includes the following:

Course DatesCourse NamePriceStatus
04/03/2019 – 30/03/2019 200 Hours Yoga TTC 1450 USD Available
01/04/2019 – 27/04/2019 200 Hours Yoga TTC 1450 USD Available
01/05/2019 – 28/05/2019 01/05/2019 – 28/05/2019 200 Hours Yoga TTC 1450 USD
01/06/2019 – 28/06/2019 01/05/2019 – 28/05/2019 200 Hours Yoga TTC 1450 USD
01/07/2019 – 28/07/2019 01/05/2019 – 28/05/2019 200 Hours Yoga TTC 1450 USD